(Battle Of Budva)

Operation Karađorđe Defence Of Montenegro
Part of the Serbian Revolt
22 June 1804
Montenegro Supporters (1,450)

French Volunteers (2,000)

Serbian Escort Army (500)

Total (3,950)

Ottoman Garrison (1,000)

French Occupation Of Montenegro

(Getting support for Montenegro)


Ottoman Garrison would hold

the front and message higher


Decisive French Victory Total Defeat
Casulties: Military (395) 10%*

Village Of Burdva (616)

Casulties: Military (500) 50%*

*= Casulties have to be higher for Ottomans as it was a decisive win.


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French Invasion Of Montenegro Edit

Naval Invasion Of Burva Edit

Battle of Burva was part of Operation Karađorđe, it was the first battle that took place outside of Serbian Cores. The Ottoman Garrison wasn't as supplied as the ones in Greece and Serbia due to the unrest. This would be a minor factor that made France win, the other reason was that, it was a surprise attack that the Ottomans didn't expect the French to embark in Montenegro. Then the battle took place, under Joseph Barbanègre the troops embarked and fought on the beaches, this is where most men actually died. After a couple of hours the French made an offense to push the Ottomans out of the the Beachers. Most of the Ottoman garrison was actually in the village not the beach so they didn't know what was going on until it was too late. When news broke up about the battle, civil unrest started in the village of an opertunity to make the Ottomans leave Burva. Ottomans had no other way but to leave the village and beaches and back away from the coast. They would try and hold the line.

Cetinje Advance Edit

Ottoman Garrison had to go to the Capital of Montenegro Administration, Podgorica. They would send 2,000 Troops from all over the Administration Zone. While they are doing that the French push and take Cetinje, Bar, Kotor. It would be a halt after that as no side would attack.