Map Edit

Hello, this page will demonstrate the map of Bellum Orbis Terrarum II, as you can see this is not yet done as planned but the staff will work on it. The end product of the water will be the same as the one on top right, beneath Iceland, It is the colour "Steel Blue" and it is also in the material "Marble". Note, this isn't the end product and the water might actually change if demanded with majority voters. The start of the game will only have Iceland, British Isle, Mainland Europe and Russia included, North Africa, Middle East, Turkey and Syria. This map is stud based just like the game, Risk Universalis III by Flash_drive and the optional game Stud Rp in Cowkiller's Server (It is now gone). The studs do not have material, to avoid lag and have the colour of Hurricane Grey. The map we used for the tracing is from a game called Hearts of Iron IV made by Paradox Studio

Map Staff Edit


Head Of Operations and Decisions: Teutonician

Head Of Administration: Reddsoul

Administrator Of Cartography: Arshad126

Moderator Of Cartography: SethiusYagerius

Future of Map Edit

We are planning on making this world wide, and fix minor details along the way. We might also add starting borders but that is only a possiblility. Firstly we need to know what is best for the future of Bellum Orbis Terrarum