Religion Edit

Religion plays a huge role in the Roleplay world of Bellum Orbis Terrarum, It may result in high culture and great relations!, or it might be the reason you attack your dearest ally... Religion also can have major effect in game like what if Chrisitianity never became so developed and lose mostly to the Ottoman Empire and Granada, Like everything in Bellum Orbis Terrarum II There are rules about this in Rules

List Of Religions (Major Ones)  Edit

  • ChrisitianityChristianity
    • OrthodoxOrthodox
    • CatholicsChristianity
      • ProtestantismFraticelli
        • AnglicanismProtestant
        • LutherismWaldesian
        • CalvanismReformed
  • IslamSunni
    • SunniKharijite
    • ShiaShiite
  • HebrewJewish
    • KaraiteKaraite
    • SamaritanSamaritan
  • ShintoShinto
  • BuddhismBuddhism
  • ZoroastrianismZoroastrianism
  • Tenikyo20px
  • Neo-Paganism20px
  • Secular20px
  • Baha'i20px
  • African Traditions[[File::Fetishist.png|20px]]
  • Indian Culture20px
    • JainismJain
    • SikhismSikh