Hello, this is the timeline of the Bellum Orbis Terrarum II, this started in 1800, DO NOT EDIT THE PAGE unless you are Mapmaker and/or admin. People who will edit the map will be warned and then banned. Please remember that this isn't where you post your events, this will only show major plots and events in the timeline. For event-making go to Events for best view click the picture and go to view original

1800 Edit


1802 Edit

(MAP CHANGES: Haiti = Vassal Of France, Bit of Mainland of Portugal went to Spain, North of Brazil went to France)


1804 Edit


1806 Edit


1808 Edit


1810 Edit


1812 Edit


1814 Edit

(Needs atleast 4 more entries in Events)
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Europe Western Europe France Naples Prussia Victoria
Eastern Europe Russian Empire
Asia Middle East Ottoman Empire
America North America Columdria
Central America N/A
South America Brazil
Africa N/A
Oceania N/A
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